Simply put their customer support is superb

“I am currently and have been the E911 Coordinator for Saint Johns County Florida since 2007, during this time I have worked extensively with AK Associates. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office has used AK Associates services since approximately August 2000. The services that AK Associates have and still do provide for this county are excellent, they go above and beyond. Simply put their customer support is superb.

AK Associates have assisted this county with several major installations including but not limited to CPE equipment, mapping programs, database programs and others. They have worked tirelessly with vendors to ensure that all installations were done as smoothly as possible. I am very pleased with the services AK Associates provide and would highly recommend this company.” Sgt. Dale Mitchell, E911 Coordinator, St. Johns County, FL

Provides an outstanding commitment to finding cost-effective solutions

“Pasco County has been a satisfied client of AK Associates for many years.  We have found that AK Associates provides an outstanding commitment to finding cost-effective solutions that best serve the client’s needs.  From system design to project management to technical support, AK has a team of employees that are highly professional, personable, and knowledgeable and will work hard for their client to ensure the success of the systems they manage. Because of these factors we continue to contract their services for management of our E911 Phone system and anticipate this relationship to continue into the future.” – Jody L. Kenyon, Technical Supervisor, Pasco County, FL

Abides by its tag line “Where technology, creativity and quality service meet”

“AK Associates abides by its tag line “Where technology, creativity and quality service meet”. After AK installed our new VESTA phone system, we discovered unforeseeable and unprecedented problems with our phone lines. AK’s technicians worked around the clock and conducted outreach to industry experts to solve our issues. AK employees, ranging from technicians to sales team members, have been responsive to our needs and we look forward to working with them as we implement Text-to-911 and other Next Generation 9-1-1 enhancements in Tompkins County.” Christina L. Dravis, Communications Center Manager, Tompkins County, NY

Is consistently quick and professional

“Lexington Enhanced 911 depends on AK Associates to maintain a highly sophisticated 911 system that includes selective routers and controllers that are host to Lexington and 24 other 911 centers in Kentucky.  In addition, Lexington E911 also depends on AK Associates to maintain its geo-redundant logging recorder.  It’s beneficial to have a single point of contact for these critical applications and the response by the local AK team is consistently quick and professional.” Robert Stack, 911 Director, Lexington-Fayette County, KY

They are 9-1-1 partners

AK Associates are not just maintenance providers, they are 9-1-1 partners in Polk County.  The whole AK team shares the same concern and has the same goal as the County – what is best for the 9-1-1 caller.  They go above and beyond to ensure the call always gets through accurately and with the most data available.” – Sally Lawrence, Manager E911 Program, Polk County 911

Have an accurate pulse on the 9-1-1 industry

“When Rhode Island Enhanced 9-1-1 (RI E 9-1-1) moved to our new PSAP a number of years ago, the migration was transparent due to the knowledge, technical expertise, personnel and hard work of AK Associates.

RI E 9-1-1 has always been on the cutting edge of 9-1-1 technologies.  We were the first state on a statewide basis to implement Phase II 9-1-1 technology.  Thereafter, we implemented a traditional VoIP solution to receive incoming VoIP calls.  Presently, we are in the process of migrating to Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG911 /Text-to-911) technology.  AK Associates has developed and implemented these technologies which have helped to save lives and property.  Additionally, AK Associates has designed and integrated various 9-1-1 technologies so that they are unique to Rhode Island and best serve the state’s public safety needs.  They have developed, for RI E 9-1-1, the technology we needed to be able to receive incoming 9-1-1 calls at our Alternate PSAP and transfer them to our Primary PSAP. 

Last year, RI E 9-1-1 received over 500,000 incoming 911 calls and transferred over 760,000 calls, all by way of technologies that were implemented and installed by AK Associates.  Their personnel are available on a minute’s notice and have an accurate pulse on the 9-1-1 industry and developing technologies.

 RI E 9-1-1 is grateful to AK Associates for all their dedication and hard work that they have continuously, over the years, provided to RI E 9-1-1.  Their understanding of 9-1-1 technology is, in our opinion, unrivaled. The Kraus family has followed in their father’s footsteps in developing 9-1-1 facilities throughout the country.”  – William P. Gasbarro, Co-Director, Rhode Island E 9-1-1